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Zebra Print Curtains

When people buy new living room or bedroom furniture, they almost always change their window dressings as well.


Those that have decided to give their room a fun or “wild" new decor can have a hard time finding the right draperies to match their furniture, but choosing a set of zebra print curtains can lend that “safari" look to any room.


Before you hang those curtains, though, you should know how to go about choosing the right ones. 


First off, you need to take a good hard look at the room you’re decorating.

  • How is it shaped?
  • Do you have a lot of windows that let light in, or does it get dark at certain times of day?  
  • What kind of furniture and other accessories do you have? 

Asking yourself these questions can make choosing curtains a lot easier. If your room is in the interior of your house and can get dark, a sheer set of zebra curtains may be just the thing to liven it up a little.


Bigger rooms can do with a heavier set of curtains or drapes, and if the room is extra small, you may not need curtains at all. Your choice of curtain should complement, not compete with the look of your room. 


Once you’ve assessed your room and figured out what kind of zebra curtains will suit it best, then your next step is to choose colors, patterns and fabrics - imagine how funky your room will look with some zebra print curtains, whether they be the traditional black and white, or you opt for the newer brown and white, or black and pink. 

Some people want their curtain to match their sofa or other accessories, which is a great way to pull the room together. A good rule of thumb is, the smaller your room is, the more understated your curtains need to be. 


   zebra print curtains   zebra shower curtain    zebra drapes zebra print curtains


Of course, the material your zebra print curtains are made out of can make all the difference as to the way the room looks and feels. (There are even zebra shower curtain options for your bathroom.) Thicker fabrics can make a room feel overdone or stuffy, but in the right place they can add a bit of sophistication.


A sheer curtain hung over a rod can either make a room feel airy and open or cold and sterile. Choose your zebra curtains to match the feel of your room, and you’ll never go wrong.


   zebra curtains  print curtains  zebra print curtain  zebra shower curtains


Even if you can’t afford an interior decorator, you can still have a room that looks professionally done. Add a rod with ornate finials with your zebra curtain, or use a half-curtain over a window shade or blind to combine several different textures, which can make the window look bigger and more interesting.   However, adding too many textures or accessories can make a room look too “busy” or stuffy. You need to find the right balance. 


   zebra print curtain    zebra curtains  zebra curtain   zebra curtain


Zebra print curtains add depth and style to any room, and depending on the ones you choose, can complement or take away from the overall appearance of your room. If you follow the tips we’ve provided here, you can have your room looking great in absolutely no time at all!


If you ultimately decide that zebra curtains aren't for you, check out the selection of leopard curtains!



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